About brand

The Betty Barclay brand is one of the leading women’s fashion brands in Germany and, of course, internationally. It offers an attractive lifestyle range that embodies high standards and stylish sophistication. This is clearly reflected in the steady growth of the brand, the expansion of own-brand stores and the remarkably high degree to which the female target group identifies with its core values. Cutting-edge design with a unique and unmistakable signature is also captured by Betty Barclay eyewear. Visibilia’s partnership with fashion house Betty Barclay began in 2014 and continues to be an indispensable part of the company’s portfolio. These are excellent quality eyewear with a focus on femininity, available in tasteful shapes and colours that perfectly capture the spirit of the modern age. t expresses these core values more clearly than any other brand.

Betty Barclay frames can be purchased from our sales partners